Small Business Freelance Consultant | Content Writer | Strategist

Advising Small businesses by designing, implementing and executing a digital/online and print/offline marketing platform created specifically for your target market and budget.


To provide a step-by-step, easy to follow business marketing plan designed for you, by you; to build your business and empower your employees from the front end to the back end combining old school techniques with new digital technologies that will guarantee results in 90 days or till we get it right!


A Small Business Consultant provides solopreneurs with advice, resources and the planning required to help a small business with performance and efficiency in every aspect of running that business; from the day to day operations to the future and its goals.


The Oxford Dictionary defines copywriter as a person who writes the text of advertisements or publicity material.

Dictionary.com defines it as a writer of copy, especially for advertisements or publicity releases.

What this actually means is that I write persuasive copy. Period. For Small Business. Period.  Your Small Business.  Whether you’re selling cupcakes or providing an interior decorating service.


A person skilled in planning action or policy, especially in war or politics.

I don’t plan for war.  Unless we are planning an action to take a piece of the market away from your competition.

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 Freelance means that I, too, am a solopreneur.  My business is to help your business.

What this means for you;

The Small Business Owner

I do this in ways that are designed specifically with you and your business in mind.

We work together.  I get to know you and your product or service.  We engage in old-fashioned conversation through new age avenues.

We analyze your print/offline context, your digital/online presence and come up with a plan not only designed specifically for you and your market but also your budget. 

I become your best “salesman” and your strongest advocate.  I fight for you and your slice of the small business pie.   

The way we do this is to sit down, face-to-face or over the phone, and just converse.  I’ll ask you specific questions to get to know you and your business.  I want your passion to become mine.

 When we are done, I will know almost as much as you about your business and then I work to come up with a plan of action specifically for you and your business and budget.  We can start big or we can start small.  Or we can find a happy middle.  We can do this all at once or we can take small strategic steps to accomplish your goals.  It all depends on you.

My main goal is to grow your business where you want it to be, and eventually beyond.  Let’s have some coffee, have a conversation and let’s put your business on the map through content; print or digital.

If you’re not ready for immediate action, that’s ok.  Sign up for my email newsletter, Biz Bites, and receive quick “morsels” of pertinent small business information.  I’ll keep you up to date monthly on some of the new and innovative ideas, some statistics, inspirational quotes and fun facts about me.

I have plans in the works for a free giveaway from a short quiz.  So SIGN UP and get involved.

As Cher Wang said, “As entrepreneurs, we must continue to ask ourselves ‘What’s next?’  It takes humility to realize that we don’t know everything, not to rest on our laurels and know that we must keep learning and observing.”

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  1. Christine has been an absolute pleasure to work with! Her tireless efforts and driven focus never go unnoticed. She has an unprecedented knack for knowing how and when to put the final touches on a product to really give it the appeal and attraction it needs to garner the right audience. She’s got the Midas touch! Thanks, Christine!

  2. Is it just email marketing? I not sure what you can do, but I’m open. I’m new to advertising and little clients here. Moveed from Gainesville and didn’t have to advertise. I’m wanting to trade …you?

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